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May 19, 2023
Can you Trademark a Band Name

Can You Trademark a Band Name?

If you think of a band like other consumer goods and services, then building brand recognition is vital to its continued success. When musicians create music, schedule tours, and drop their latest albums, they are exposing consumers to their brand and all of the marketing that goes with it, including the language it uses in its name and the style it decides to use for its logos. The greater the brand awareness, the more recognizable […]
May 13, 2023
The Different Trademark Classes

The Different Trademark Classes

Trademarks are used to help identify where a particular product or service comes from and to provide legal protection for a brand. Through this process, trademarking helps to protect against fraud and counterfeiting. While it is not possible to trademark a specific word or phrase for exclusive use, trademarks protect how something is used. This can also include the use of logos and distinguishes your products. Trademarks are classified into 45 different categories to make […]