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November 14, 2022
What can you not copyright in Colorado?

What Can You Not Copyright in Colorado?

When it comes to your intellectual property, you want to be certain that the audience you are targeting can easily find your information and see the link between you and your work. Federal regulations governing copyright are implemented uniformly in all licensing and branding activities conducted throughout the nation. Understanding the ins and outs of the copyrighting process may seem challenging, but it is essential for anyone looking to seek a copyright certification. What Is […]
November 10, 2022
What are the copyright laws in Colorado?

What Are the Copyright Laws in Colorado?

When it comes to your professional work, you want to make sure that the audience to whom you are advertising can directly link your services and creations to your brand. Copyright laws are dictated at the federal level, and these laws are universally applied to all instances of licensing and branding across the country. Understanding the scope of copyright laws, and how they impact your specific branding, is important for building a solid company image. […]