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What Are Design Patents?

A design patent protects the shape or appearance of an object. Examples range from consumer goods packaging (perfume or beverage bottles and cosmetics containers are examples) to automotive light lens shape or the shape of utensils.

Located in Denver, Four Reasons Legal provides product design patent assistance across the Front Range. Founding attorney Steve Zemanick has been working with Colorado businesses and startups to protect their intellectual property for more than 15 years.

How To Patent A Design

At the outset, an illustrator creates drawings of the design to be protected  Bringing in a patent lawyer at this early stage ensures a drawing meets the specific requirements the drawings need to meet.

A nondisclosure agreement is often a good idea at this stage to protect communications with any third party designers working on the project.

To obtain a design patent, the shape must be novel meaning that no one has introduced the same design. It must also be non-obvious, meaning it can’t be just an obvious improvement over an existing design. It is possible to conduct a search of existing designs to determine whether your design is likely to be approved for design patent protection.

Timing Requirements

To receive protection, the design patent application has to be filed within one year of public disclosure of the design. If protection outside the U.S. is desirable, filing your U.S. application before any disclosure is required.

Tailored Legal Services

Four Reasons Legal can assist at any stage of the research and development lifecycle from initial idea to manufacturing. Quotes are available so you can select the legal services that meet your needs.

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